Power Jack Replacement

We  offers ‘Laptop Power Jack Replacement’ in London and UK. Sometimes the  power jack on the laptops get damage, lose or simple won’t charge your battery for constant stress, due to plug in and unplug of the power jack. Luckily we are here to help you as! just bring you laptop to our workshop and we will repair or place you power jack in jiffy!


When you need a Power jack replacement?

If your laptop suddenly shuts off, the battery is not charging, probably sparks or smell burning when the power is connected, check your is your laptop jack is loose, also touch your laptop to feel if getting hot around the power jack, some of this are symptom that  you must to consider a Laptop Power Jack Replacement.


Remember broken laptop power jack does not mean your laptop is dead or ready for replacement.


Our Professional and qualified technicians can perform a Laptop Power Jack replacement in the same day, just bring your laptop today for a free diagnostic and we will give you an honest estimate for our service.

The range or our prices are very affordable, we use only original Laptop Power Jacks or the best compatible one.

We cover the vast majority of laptop power jack from Sony laptops, Asus Laptops, Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft, Laptop power jack for MacBook Pro, IMB , Toshiba,  Alienware, DC Power Jack  for custom build laptops and others laptop brands

All our services are 100% guaranteed. So what are you waiting for book your Laptop Power Jack Replacement now.

Get your Laptop  fixed in no time! Remember our service also offers free collection and delivery! call us now on